EPA 2016 Best Poster Awards

Winners of the EPA 2016 Best Poster Award
Each winner receives a 300 Euro prize. 
​Klaus Munkholm, Denmark​A Peripheral Composite Proteomic and Gene Expression Biomarker Related to Diagnosis and Affective State in Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder
​Francesco Monaco, Italy  ​Childhood Trauma and Cortisol Awakening Response in Eating Disorders. A Case-Control Study
​Farah Lunat, UK ​Exploratory Randomized Controlled Trial of a Group Psychological Intervention for Postnatal Depression in British Mothers of South Asian Origin
​Francisco Collazos, Spain ​Immigrants in Emergency Rooms: The Role of Culture in the Diagnostic Process and Diagnostic Certainty.
​Francesco De Riso, Italy ​Oxytocin secretion in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa: Investigation of its Relationships to Temperament Personality Dimensions
​Hanna van Loo, The Netherlands ​Psychiatric Comorbidity does not only depend on diagnostic thresholds: An illustration with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
​Urun Ozer Ceri, Turkey  ​Psychiatric evaluation of Ezidi Iraqi Refugee Children who settle in Refugee Camp in Turkey
​Tove Mogren, Sweden  ​Should I Stay or Should I Go? Mobility and Migration among Psychiatric Trainees in Europe - EFPT Brain Drain Survey
Christina Blanner ​Kristiansen​Undestanding Adverse Health Effects of Widowhood in Old Age - a Cross-Countries Mixed Method Study
​Anna Margarita Pinto, Portugal ​Unravelling Pathways to Depression in Fibromyalgia - the Role of Perseverative Negative Thinking and Negative Affect​

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