Ask the Expert Sessions

Ask the Experts sessions will allow participants to meet in a small group with outstanding
researchers and clinicians. The format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing
participants to present their questions and gain new perspectives. Sessions will take place
at round tables and be limited to a small number of participants with advanced sign up

Ask the Expert Sessions will take place in the first floor Foyer, 
next to the Exhibition area. Registration for these sessions will be at the 
Registration Desk. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. 

SUNDAY, 2 APRIL 2017                                              10:00 - 11:30

Table 1

Istvan BitterHungary

Smoking cessation

Table 2

Ken Courtenay, United Kingdom

Caring for people with intellectual disabilities

Table 3

Craig RitchieUnited Kingdom

Prevention of dementia

Table 4

Daniel KeeserGermany

Brain stimulation techniques in psychiatry

Table 5

Norman SartoriusSwitzerland

Are current models of mental health care still valid?

Table 6

Falk Kiefer, Germany

Treating behavioral addictions

Table 7

Gabriela StoppeSwitzerland

Treating depression in elderly people

MONDAY, 3 APRIL 2017                                             10:00 - 11:30

Table 1

Palmiero Monteleone, Italy

Eating disorders

Table 2

Robin MurrayUnited Kingdom

Cannabis and psychosis; defining the risks while avoiding polemicists

Table 3

Carmine ParianteUnited Kingdom

Stress sensitivity and mental disorders

Table 4

Anita Riecher-RösslerSwitzerland

Organizing services for early detection of mental disorders

Table 5

Meryam Schouler-OcakGermany

Providing care for migrants and refugees

Table 6

Danuta WassermanSweden

The suicidal patient

Table 7

Angelika WieckUnited Kingdom

Caring for mothers with severe mental illnesses

MONDAY, 3 APRIL 2017                                              17:00 - 18:30

Table 1

Philip Asherson, United Kingdom 

Diagnosing and treating ADHD 

Table 2

Andrea FagioliniItaly 

Treating bipolar disorders 

Table 3

Sophia FrangouUSA

What psychiatrists should know about brain imaging

Table 4

Karl MannGermany 

Treatment of alcohol dependence  

Table 5

Pim CuijpersNetherlands

Psychotherapy for depression and anxiety 

Table 6

Giovanni StanghelliniItaly 

The experiential dimension in severe mental disorders

Table 7

Antonio VitaItaly 

Cognitive remediation for people with schizophrenia  

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