Confirmed Speakers and Talks

​​​​​​Plenary Speakers 

Psychiatry 2017: acknowledging complexity while avoiding defeatism Mario Maj, Italy
Public mental health and clinical psychiatry: are they really two separate worlds? Stefan Priebe, UK
​Gene-environment interactions in mental disorders: evidence and challenges​Jim van Os, The Netherlands 

State of the Art Speakers 

​​Social media and e-mental health​Michael Krausz, Canada 
​Primary prevention and mental health in young people​Celso Arango, Spain 
​Psychotherapies vs. pharmacotherapies vs. combination therapies in depressive and anxiety disorders​Pim Cujipers, The Netherlands 
​Working together for early detection of psychosis​Anita Riecher-Rössler​, Switzerland 
​Auto-immune psychosis: state of the art​Julia Deakin, UK
​Identifying and managing  mental health needs of homeless individuals ​​Dinesh Bhugra, UK 

Debate Speakers 

​Should smoking be allowed during psychiatric patient hospitalization? - PRO​Marcin Wojnar, Poland 
​Should smoking be allowed during psychiatric patient hospitalization?​ - CON​Istvá​n Bitter, Hungary ​
​Is the concept of schizophrenia useful? - PRO​Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany 
​Is the concept of schizophrenia useful? - CON​Michael Musalek, Austria 
​Is​ a psychiatrist-patient confidentiality relationship subservient to a greater good?
Antonio ​Bulbena  (Spain)

​Is a psychiatrist-patient confidentiality relationship subservient to a greater good?
​German E. Berrios​ (UK)

Symposia Speakers 

​Symposia title ​Lecture title ​Speaker 
​New avenues in the management of bipolar disorders​Mania and Depression: what's new?​Andrea Fagiolini, Italy 
​The role of long acting antipsychotics in bipolar disorder​Eduard Vieta, Spain 
​Managing cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder​Kamilla Miskowiak, Denmark 
​Treating bipolar disorder according to the polarity index​Chantal Henry, France 
​Gaming, gambling, behavioural addictions: Challenges in diagnosis and treatment​​Pathological Gambling, impulse control disorder or behavioural addiction: what do the data indicate?​Karl Mann, Germany 
​Neurobiological mechanisms of problem gambling and treatment​Anneke Goudriaan, The Netherlands 
​Internet addiction and the virtual self-image​Tagrid Lemenager, Germany  
​Mobile phone addiction: Evidence from empirical research ​Daria Kuss, UK
​Clinical management and treatment of suicidal patients​Clinical use of biomarkers in suicidal behaviours​Philippe Courtet, France 
​The patient is suicidal: what should I do as a clinician?​Vladimir Carli, Sweden 
​Diagnosing and treating suicidal adolescents​Judit Balazs, Hungary 
​When your patient dies by suicide: aftermath and implications​Benjamin Sadock, USA
​Promoting mental health in the health and non-health sectors​Conceptual aspects of mental health in its intersection with human rights and development​Silvana Galderisi, Italy 
​Interventions in the health and non-health sectors aimed at promoting mental health​Helen Herrman, Australia 
​The needs of women users of mental health services and their families​Michaela Amering, Austria 
​Women mental health and traffickingMeryam ​Schouler-Ocak, Germany 
Modifying outcomes of ADHD across the lifespan​Continuity of ADHD across the lifespan​Phil Asherson, UK 
​News on pharmacological treatment of ADHD across the lifespan​Antony Ramos-Quiroga, Spain  
​ADHD and Addiction across the lifespan​Wim van den Brink, The Netherlands 
​Non pharmacological treatment of ADHD across the lifespanAlexandra ​Philipsen, Germany 
​Child maltreatment and unfavou​​rable clinical outcome​Prevalence and consequences of bullying: What could Healthcare Services do for Intervention?​​Dieter Wolke, UK 

Growing up in post-war communities: Cumulative effects of child maltreatment and organized violence on psychopathology

​Claudia Catani, Germany
​Long term effects of childhood maltreatment on inflammation and physical health​Carmine Pariante, UK 
​Adolescent mental health outcomes of early adversities: Not a simple story​Albertine Oldehinkel, The Netherlands 
​Mental health care in refugees and asylum seekers​Mental health care in refugees and asylum seekers: an ethical priority​Marianne Kastrup, Denmark 
​Providing care for migrants and refugees​Meryam ​Schouler-Ocak, Germany 
​Cultural competence training and mental health care in refugees and asylum seekers​Dinesh Bhugra, UK
​Suicide risk in refugees and asylum seekers​Danuta Wasserman, Sweden 
​Human-based psychiatry: from theory to practice​Evidence-based medicine - a critical review​Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany 
​Theoretical background of human-based psychiatry​Michael Musalek, Austria 
​Human-based psychiatry in clinical practice​Levent Küey, Turkey 
​Current hot topics in working with service users and family carers towards a Human Based Psychiatry​Michaela Amering, Austria 
​ICD-11 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders – Recent developments​ICD-11: Present status and overall results of field trials​Geoffrey Reed, Mexico 
​ICD-11: Example of Psychotic Disorders​Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany 
​How does ICD-11 address needs of low and middle income countries?​Oye Gureje, Nigeria 

DSM-5, ICD-11, RDoC and the future of psychiatric classification​

​Mario Maj, Italy 
​Upscaling mental healthcare - Implementing Guidance and mental health care recommendations in Europe​How can Guidance recommendations contribute to better mental health?​Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany 
​Implementation of EPA Guidance – One way for all countries?​Manuel Martín Carrasco​, Spain 
​Country specific implementation of EPA Guidance: Example from the Polish Psychiatric Association​Jerzy Samochowiec, Poland 
​The Joint Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing and its implementation in Europe​Tamas Kurimay, Hungary 

Joint Symposia Speakers ​

​The Value of Treatment for Brain and Mental Disorders – Joint Symposium with EBC​Concept and Outcome of the EBC Value of Treatment Project​David Nutt, UK 
​Closing the Treatment Gap: The EPA Case Study of Schizophrenia ​Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany 
​The Cost of Non-Treatment​Martin Knapp, UK 
​Towards an adapted model of care for brain and mental disorders​Nick Guldemond, The Netherlands 
​Early Intervention in Psychotic Disorders: Comparing Models and Experiences Joint Symposium with the Italian Psychiatric Association ​Assertive Interventions for First Episode Psychoses: The Danish ExperienceMerete Nordentoft, Denmark
​Assertive Interventions for First Episode Psychoses: The Italian Experience​
​Anna Meneghelli, Italy
​Beyond Stand-alone Centres for Early Intervention in Psychoses: An International Survey​TBA
Beyond Stand-alone Centres for Early Intervention in Psychoses: The Italian Experience​Mirella Ruggeri, Italy
How Long do we have to Wait for the Antidepressant Effect?
Joint Symposium with ECNP
​Mechanisms of Action for Delay of Onset Response to Antidepressants​​Francisco Artigas, Spain 
​What do Clinical Trials tell us About Antidepressant Delayed Onset of Action?​​Jonathan Rabinowitz, Israel 
​Ketamine and Other Promises for Rapid Onset of Action in Depression​​Guy Goodwin, UK 
​EU Funded Research in Schizophrenia:  Key Findings and Expected Impact on Clinical Practice ​​Key Findings from OPTIMISE ​René Kahn, Netherlands 
Key Findings from PRONIA ​​Nikolaos ​Koutsouleris, Germany  
​Key Findings from TRIMAGE ​​Alberto Del Guerra​, Italy 
​Key Findings from IMAGEMEND ​Andreas Meyer Lindenberg, Germany  ​


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