Interview with Dzmitry, ECPC Member

Interview with Dzmitry, ECPC Member

Dzmitry Krupchanka, member of Early Career Psychiatrists Committee (ECPC)

Why EPA?

One of the most important benefits of being involved in the EPA is the collaboration and participation in international research projects. For someone who is in their early career, it is one of the few ways to get involved in big projects.

The EPA provides the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from other countries. For me, this played a huge role in building my professional identity, gaining empowerment early in my career, and strengthening my humanistic views. Thanks to its diverse membership from so many countries, the EPA helped me broaden my horizons outside of my routine practices and appreciate how many people respect evidence based service providers, human rights and recovery.

At the EPA Congress and other small meetings, I have the opportunity to speak up, to present my views and to receive feedback from leaders in our field. I have made many new friends, both in their early career and more senior members.

Why did you join?

EPA has a strong track record of support for early career psychiatrists. In fact, the first time I attended an EPA congress was because of the scholarship support given to me. Thank you once again EPA!

Why is it important?

The support and guidance provided by the EPA during the early career stage is crucial for the rest of your professional life. The international community has tremendous power to shape values and empower those who do not have enough support locally.

The Early Career Psychiatrists Committee (ECPC) is a great platform for professional development through the sharing of ideas and in expanding professional networks.

What are your goals?

As I continue to be active in ECPC, I want to be further involved in different activities aimed at improving the lives of people living with mental illnesses. For my career, this means mainly through research and public health actions.

What are you excited about for the EPA Congress?

I'm excited about everything. I look forward to meeting people, hearing different opinions and taking part in discussions on relevant and even on controversial topics in mental health.