Best Poster Awards 2018

EPA 2018 in Nice had 51 e-Poster walks. Each e-Poster walk focused on a different area of psychiatry and was chaired by an expert in the field. Each e-Poster was evaluated by the chair based on the following five criteria: 

Scientific Quality

Accuracy and Precision of Methodology



Poster Design

The winners of the Best Poster Award received €300.

Congratulations to the following 10 best posters who received the highest scores and were recognised by the EPA 2018 LOC Committee for their outstanding contribution to the programme in EPA 2018. 



​Poster Title

​Ying He
​Gut Microbiome and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study of Subjects at Ultra-High Risk for Schizophrenia Support the Membrane Hypothesis
​Umut Altunoz
​Dissociative vs. Non-dissociative Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Asylum Seekers: Functional Neurological Symptoms as a Component of the Subtype
​Maria Marta-Simões
​Preliminary Study on the Efficacy of the MIND Programme for Cancer Patients
​Miriam Sebold
​From Goals to Habits in Alcohol Dependence: Association with Treatment Outcome and Cognitive Bias Modification Training
​Jennifer Jordan
​New Zealand
​Schema Therapy and Appetite-focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Versus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Transdiagnostic Binge Eating: A Two-Year Follow-up of a Randomised Controlled Trial
​Jessie Jingxia Lin
​Hong Kong
​Yoga Reduces the Brain's Amplitude of Low-frequency Fluctuations in Patients with Early Psychosis
​Christopher Rohde
​Real-world Effectiveness of Clozapine for Mental Retardation: Results from a Mirror-image and a Reverse-mirror-image Study
​Celso Arango
​Weight Gain and Metabolic Changes In Antipsychotic-Naïve Young People After Twelve Months Of Treatment With Second Generation Antipsychotics
​Nicolas Lecat
​The Use of Mental Health Care in Students with Suicide Risk: A Transversal Study in the i-Share Cohort
​Cynthia Calkin
​Blood-brain Barrier Dysfunction May Be Predictive of Neuroprogression in Bipolar Disorder

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