Research Prizes

Applications for research prizes are no longer accepted for this year.

The EPA will give awards of €2,000 to Early Career Psychiatrists working in Europe, who published the best scientific papers in the year 2018.

Candidates may submit one article per candidate, under one of the five following categories:

  1. Clinical psychopathology and refinement of psychiatric diagnostic categories
  2. Biological correlates and treatments of mental disorders
  3. Psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and psychotherapeutic interventions in mental disorders
  4. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  5. Best paper published in European Psychiatry

Selected candidates who attend the Opening Ceremony of the EPA Congress on 6 April 2019 will also be reimbursed up to €500 for travel and accommodation costs.*
*upon presentation of original receipts and documentation


1. Working as a psychiatrist, or working in research in psychiatry, or being a resident in psychiatry in countries that form part of the World Health Organization Europe region.
2. Being less than 40 years of age (as of 31 December 2018). 
3. Being the first author of a scientific paper accepted for publication in the year 2018 in a journal indexed in the Current Contents, which topic falls within one of the above-mentioned areas.

Please note that only one article per candidate will be accepted - all categories combined.


The Selection Committee is composed of the EPA President, EPA Past President, EPA President Elect and a European Psychiatry editor.


Applications from EPA Members

Access the application form via your EPA Individual Membership account:
The form will be automatically pre-filled with the details already available on your account. You will also be able to complete your application in several steps.


Applications from all other candidates

Access the application form directly:
Please note that you will have to fill in all the details and submit all required documents at one time.



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