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Warsaw City Travel Notification

Dear EPA 2019 Participants, please note that on 8 April taxi companies in Warsaw will be on strike from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, but taxis from the Mytaxi APP will remain available. You can also use Uber, rent a bike or order your Mytaxi ride today in advance. You can download the Mytaxi APP for your device on these links:

Available-on-the-App-Store-e1311024223942.png  google-play.png

From Warsaw center to Expo XXI 

  • In Warsaw Downtown Station (Warszawa Śródmieście) Please go to platform 3 (peron 3)

  • Please use the SKM (Fast Urban Railway) lines S2 or S3 to Warszawa Zachodnia station (Warszawa Zach.) in direction of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

  • Please use the underpass to leave Platform 3 in direction of Tunelowa St. (ul. Tunelowa) and exit the Warszawa Zachodnia station (Warszawa Zach.)

  • Turn right on Tunelowa St. (ul. Tunelowa) and walk until you reach Prądzyńskiego streets (approx. 4 minutes' walk

  • Turn left on Prądzyńskiego streets and walk to Expo XXI (approx. 5 minutes' walk)  


Expo XXI to Warsaw center

  • Exit Expo XXI and turn left on Prądzyńskiego streets until you reach Tunelowa St. (ul. Tunelowa) (approx. 5 minutes' walk)

  • Please turn right on Tunelowa St. (ul. Tunelowa) and walk until you reach the Warszawa Zachodnia station (Warszawa Zach.) (approx. 4 minutes' walk)

  • In Warszawa Zachodnia station (Warszawa Zach.) Please go Platform 2 via the underpass.

  • Please use the SKM (Fast Urban Railway) lines S2 or S3 to Warsaw Downtown Station (Warszawa Śródmieście)

Veturilo – The Warsaw public bike

Veturilo is one of the largest urban bike systems in Europe, offering an alternative means of transport and allowing quick navigation through the city.

5300 Veturilo bicycles are available around the clock in over 370 stations throughout Warsaw city centre.


Veturilo bikes can hired in three ways:

  1. Registering on the website and paying an initial fee of 10 PLN via the site

  2. Registering by credit card at the terminal located at every bike station.

  3. Registering Via Nextbike smartphone app. In order for the account to be active, it must contain at least 10 PLN.


Please find all relevant information on bike hiring, rental cost, bike stations location in Warsaw here:

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