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About Warsaw

With Warsaw in the heart of Poland, and Poland in the heart of Europe, it is not surprising that the capital city has developed into one of the continent's prime scientific and business destinations. It is a common meeting place for political and scientific conferences in this part of the continent, and for business and cultural events. Many institutions and organisations from Central and Eastern Europe have their offices in Warsaw, which has naturally led to a never-ending river of ideas, innovations and capital. Since joining the European Union, Warsaw has enjoyed an influx of EU funding, which has resulted in huge amounts of money being invested in development, the construction of new sports venues, the modernisation of public transport, culture, education, and on improving the look, the feel and the utility of city spaces.


If you want to visit a city in Europe that offers thrills, class and experiences, a metropolis that leaves happy memories with all the tourists, businessmen and art lovers who spend time there, then you're looking for Warsaw! Whether you are visiting Warsaw for business or for pleasure, the city offers all the attractions you need to make your trip a perfect one.

No matter what you think you know about Warsaw, the city will surprise you. It is dynamic and forward‑looking, constantly changing and always offering great potential for the future. With modern architecture, friendly infrastructure, a well-established stock market and creative inhabitants – here lies the beating heart of business! Behind the bustle of the business world you can feel the rhythm of the city, or take a more relaxing stroll along the banks of the Vistula, offering sunny beaches, and evenings of music and film. Try the many and varied tastes of the city's restaurants. Simply get lost in the backstreets and discover something fascinating.


Facts and figures about Warsaw


Warsaw population counts 1 714 446 persons and  covers the area of 517 km².


The city lies within the central European time zone (GMT +1) with summer time from march to the end of october.


Warsaw's climate is humid continental (Koppen Dfb) with relatively cold winters and mild summers. The avarage temperaturę is -5⁰C (27⁰F) in February and 18⁰C (66.7⁰F) in June. Temperatures may often reach 30⁰C (86⁰F) in the summer and -20 in winter.


The currency in Poland is the Polish złoty (PLN); 1 PLN = 100 groszy (1 PLN = 3.32 USD as per 30.01.2018.)

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Getting to Warsaw

The easiest way to get to the capital of Poland is, of course, by plane. The international Warsaw Chopin Airport is located around 10 kilometres from the city centre. It is served by five bus lines, two of which reach the city centre directly – 175 and night bus N32. A railway connection with Chopin Airport is also available. If you decide to take a taxi, it is advised to use the licensed taxi services offered at Chopin airport. A fare to the centre should be around PLN 35-40. There are direct flights to Warsaw from most European destinations, as well as major US cities and other long-distance destinations like Dubai, where Emirates Airlines fly once a day or Qatar Airways with its 2 daily flights. A smaller airport servicing only budget airlines is situated in Modlin, 35 km from Warsaw, where the easiest way to get to the centre is to take a bus – ModlinBus. The trip takes around 40 minutes.

Warsaw is also well connected by rail to other European cities. There are three train stations in Warsaw that provide international and domestic train services: Warszawa Centralna (Central Warsaw) – situated in the city centre and well connected to public transportation network; Warszawa Zachodnia (West Warsaw) which is next to the international bus terminal; and Warszawa Wschodnia (East Warsaw) located on the east bank of the Vistula River (Praga).


Green Warsaw

Warsaw is a green and refreshing destination with its 160 leafy squares and 96 parks covering a quarter of the city and 6 km of walkways along the river bank. The largest and most impressive of these is the Royal Łazienki Park and Palace complex covering 187 acres of parkland in the middle of the city and containing some beautiful architecture.

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What to do in Warsaw

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