Industry Supported Sessions Agenda

SUNDAY, 7 April, 2019

Product Théâtre supported by SERVIER

12:30-13:10, Exhibition Hall

Training session on deprexis®, an online CBT program

Björn Meyer (GAIA AG), Germany

Industry Symposium I  supported by ANGELINI

13:15-14:45, Hall: E

The Burden of Schizophrenia across age and gender

Chair: Dr Sofia Brissos, Portogal

13:15  Age and Gender differences in schizophrenic psychoses

             Anita Riecher-Rössler, Switzerland

13:45   Pharmacological treatment selection: age and gender differences

             David Taylor, UK

14:15   The clinical and economic burden of schizophrenia across gender and                    age groups

             Nello Martini, Italy

Industry Symposium II supported by JANSSEN

13:15-14:45, Hall: C

Timely decision making in major depressive disorder (MDD): novel strategies

Chair: Dominika Dudek, Poland

Scientific Committee: Eduard Vieta, Spain; Andrea Fagiolini, Italy

13:15  Welcome and introduction Dominika Dudek, Poland

13:25  Refining dimensions and dynamics of MDD in clinical practice,

             Andrea Fagiolini, Italy

13:50  Sequential strategies: the way forward ,

            Mazda Adli, Germany

14:10  Decision making: what matters for patients,

             Wiesław Jerzy Cubała, Poland

14:30  Panel discussion with all speakers (general Q&A session) 

             Dominika Dudek, Poland; Mazda Adli, Germany and Wiesław Jerzy Cubała, Poland

14:40  Closing remarks 

             Dominika Dudek, Poland

Industry Symposium III supported by GEDEON RICHTER and  RECORDATI S.P.A

13:15-14:45, Hall: D

Can we still improve patient functioning in schizophrenia?

13:15  Chairman's introduction, István Bitter, Hungary

13:20   Improving negative symptoms and patient functioning state of the art, 

               Stefan Leucht, Germany

 13:40   Mechanism of action of cariprazine: molecular and behavioral effects                     related to negative symptoms

               Giorgio Racagni, Italy

14:00  Clinical studies and real-life experience: challenges and cases,

             Peter Falkai, Germany

14:20  Closing and Discussion, 

             István Bitter, Hungary

Monday8 APRIL 2019

Product Theatre supported by SERVIER

12:30-13:10, Exhibition Hall

Feedback on deprexis® from clinical practice experience

T. Kanellopoulos ,Greece

R. Psaras, Greece

Industry Symposium IV supported by JANSSEN

13:15-14:45, Hall: C

How to optimise the daily care of patients with schizophrenia: from data to practice

Scientific Committee: José M. Olivares, Spain; Christoph U. Correll, Germany/USA

Chair: José M. Olivares, Spain

Co-chair: Jerzy Samochowiec, Poland

13:15   Welcome and introduction 

              José Manuel Olivares, Spain

13:25    Living with schizophrenia: the experience of the patient

              A person living with schizophrenia from Spolek KOLUMBUS, Czech                            Republic, who is also a Board member of GAMIAN-Europe; and José                        Manuel Olivares, Spain

13:40   Long-acting treatments in schizophrenia: WHEN and for WHOM? 

              Pierre-Michel Llorca, France

14:00   Long-acting treatments in schizophrenia: a call to action

              Christoph Correll, Germany\USA

14:20   Panel discussion with all speakers (general Q&A session)

José Manuel Olivares, Spain and Jerzy Samochowiec, Poland

14:40   Closing remarks

              José Manuel Olivares, Spain

Industry Symposium V supported by TAKEDA

13:15-14:45, Hall: B

Missed or misdiagnoses: could it be ADHD?

13:15-13:20 Chairman's welcome, David Bull, UK

13:20-13:35 Scene-set: ADHD in general adult psychiatry, Susan Young, UK

13:35-14:05 ADHD and comorbidities: differential diagnosis:

• Depression and Anxiety Larry Klassen, Canada

• Bipolar Disorder Peter Mason, UK

• Borderline Personality Disorder, Alexandra Philipsen, Germany

• Substance Use Disorder, Antoni Ramos, Spain

Panel discussion forum

14:05-14:25 Voice of the patient;the importance of a timely diagnosis 

Georgios Karpathakis, Sweden

14:25-14:40 Snapshot: screening, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adults Larry Klassen, Canada

14:40-14:45 Closing comments, David Bull, UK














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